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steptext dance project e.V.

Buntentorsteinweg 112 | 28201 Bremen
Office +49 421 704216 | Fax +49 421 7942401 |

steptext dance project e.V. originally emerged from the Bremen
Tanztheaters Young Choreographers project in 1996. The companys
first productions brought together international dancers and
choreographers in a collective which wrote its own dance theatre shows
and performed them in Bremens independent theatres. steptext dance
project now works under the creative direction of Helge Letonja and
Gnther Grollitsch with a variety of dancers and performers; the companys
shows are performed on steptexts own stage. Performing locally and
internationally, the company creates distinctive dance shows and co-
productions, as well as offering a variety of dance courses and workshops
and organising interdisciplinary platforms for artists to exchange
knowledge and engage in dialogue.

Artistic Directors: Helge Letonja, Gnther Grollitsch


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