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Double C

Brillerstr. 7a | 42105 Wuppertal
Office +49 202 316305 | Office +49 202 316305

In September 2000, Chun-Hsien Wu and Chrystel Guillebeaud left their dance
Companies: Tanztheater Wuppertal and Cloud Gate Dance Theater- to carry out
various artistic projects in close cooperation. They founded the Company
Double C in Wuppertal where they are they found a new homeland.

Their steps also lead them to Taiwan where they regularly present new
projects. The two artists knew to combine in their work their experience
as dancer and their cultural personal background. Chrystel Guillebeaud was
elected in 1998 best young dancer of the year by the journalist Eilsabeth
Eva-Fischer. Ismene Brown praises the performance of the phenomenal
Chun-Hsien Wu in its article of Daily Telegraph.

Their choreographic language is inspired by the expressionism of the dance
theatre and combines the purity of martial arts which they daily practise
and teach. Their writing is very authentic and original. The mixtures of
their Western and Eastern roots create an abundance of new images,
significant and captivating which touch a wide public.


2001: COULEUR ENCRE (Festival Meeting Neuer Tanz)

2002: AFRAID OF A POWER FAILURE (Dance Nova Taiwan)

2003: 776 before J-C (Coproduction with the Staatstheater of Darmstadt/
Festival Cutting Edge)



Festival-Net Side by Side

Eduard von der Heydt Frderpreis

2006: REFLEX, Residency in Pact Zollverein

In 2001 Chun-Hsien and Chrystel present their first choreography COULEUR
ENCRE within the Festival Meeting Neuer Tanz NRW. Then they fly for Taiwan
where they present a duet AFRAID OF A POWER FAILURE in the Cultural Art
centre of Kaohsiung and Tsoying High School.

In 2003, the National Theatre of Darmstadt invites them to co produce a
piece for the Festival Cutting Edge: 776 before J-C . The public welcome
the piece with a lot of enthusiasm. The 2 dancers evolve/move in concrete
shoes. Concrete symbolizes the limits and incapacities to face certain
realities and the ceaseless and absurd search to rush from goal to goal,
always more quickly, forgetting the richness from the present moment.

In 2004, Chun-Hsien and Chrystel found the Company Double C. SELF-MADE is
created. It is a close collaboration with the musician Christoph Iacono
whose work will mark from now on, each new piece of the Company. In
SELF-MADE, the dance and the music are elaborated together and the process
of creation is a constant dialogue between the 2 arts. SELF-MADE speaks
about gravity; the weight, from the body and also from the soul. The
concrete shoes are involved again but also an aquarium which the light
technician draws all the advantages by creating a vibrating light, full of
nuances and surprises. Concrete and water, 2 elements a priori
diametrically opposite (just like the 2 dancers which physical are
completely different) marry in a symphony of colours and sounds which make
of it a piece filled with strength and poetry.

WELL ALL GO TO HEAVEN was creates in 2005. A short preview was shown in
the Tanzhaus of Dsseldorf within the Festival Tanz Tank. It is a piece
involving 4 dancers. This time the stage is summarized with a red string of
60 m which delimit the choreographic space and is the red wire of the piece.

Rewarding the quality of their artistic work, the city of Wuppertal
grants the companie Double C the price Eduard von der Heydt for young
artists in view, never yet granted to young choreographers- a very famous
national artistic price in Germany. The Great price had been granted in 1994
to the Tanztheater Wuppertal. The price Eduard von der Heydt thus honours
two independent artists of Wuppertal and reward the engagement of their
work. The same year, the Choreographic Centre of Essen- Pact Zollverein-
grants to them a residence for the creation of their new creation REFLEX.

Chun-Hsien Wu and Chrystel Guillebeaud are dancers of an excellent level
exception who left international companies of world fame to lead a single
and multicultural adventure. The public will appreciate the originality of
this young company.


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